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300g Invisible Waterproof Agent Sealant

300g Invisible Waterproof Agent Sealant

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Invisible Waterproof Agent Waterproof Insulation Sealant,super Strong Invisible Waterproof Anti-leakage Agent, Transparent Waterproof Glue For Outdoors,strong Adhesive Seal Coating         *With Brush*

Sealant Waterproof】Efficient leakage prevention. Waterproof insulating sealant can penetrate joints, cracks and leaks and seal any cracked surface. At the same time, it forms a waterproof and protective coating in the adjacent area.

Effectively Waterproof】Super Waterproof Leak Preventer is your quick and easy way to apply, seal, P ROTECT and prevent leaks with waterproof sealant! After drying, you can apply any color.

High Temperature Resistance】This anti-leak agent will not sag or drip at high temperature in summer. Will not crack or peel in cold winter.

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