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Mini Electric Coffee Grinder

Mini Electric Coffee Grinder

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Mini Electric Coffee Grinder

1. Pour the coffee beans into the grinder (recommended ≤50g at a time).
2. Close the lid tightly and make sure it is locked.
3. Press the switch, pause once every 10s.
4. Cut off the power and pour out the finished product.

Operating instructions:
Every 20-35s of work, stop properly for about 30s to prevent the motor from overheating

Cleaning instructions:
It is recommended to use a small brush or damp cloth to wipe clean

Important reminder:
In order to prevent leakage of electricity caused by water seepage of the motor, it is not recommended to clean the grinding cup with water

Packing list:
1 * host
1 * cover
1 * Brush
1 * EU power cord
1 * English manual

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