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Limited Edition Sunset Lamp- SunsetBay™ 2.0

Limited Edition Sunset Lamp- SunsetBay™ 2.0

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✅ #1 Trending Product Of 2021 
✅ Proven To Help Destress, Reduce Depress, and Anxiety
✅ Simple And Easy To Setup
✅ 4 Different Sunset Colour Tones
✅ Capture Unique Photos

✅ Enhance The Feel Of Your Room

Reduce Depression, Stress & Anxiety

Studies shows that lights that mimic natural lights such as the sunset and aurora helps to reduce depression, stress and anxiety through elevating your mood. With this Halo Lamp you can relax, close your eyes and embrace your own personal ambience from the comfort of your home!

Perfect for Photos and Videos

Get that flawless skin and allow your Halo Lamp to softly illuminate your surroundings with it's mesmerizing lights giving you that golden glow.

Easy to Use - The Sunset Lamp can rotate up to 180° degree allowing for easy projection. Simply plug through USB and you're ready to go.

The best mood changer money can buy!

Our Best Customer Review

"I bought this for my wife who is notoriously bad tempered in the afternoon. Having used this for a few months now I can say she is much more pleasant to be around and my life expectancy has improved immeasurably" - Mark

The Sunset Lamp™ 2.0 is made to deliver the ideal soothing environment for you to either to relax, improve your mood or for overall interior aesthetics.

Available Online Only. Free Worldwide Tracked Shipping Included!


  • Power supply: USB
  • Voltage: 5V
  • LED type: SMD3535
  • Light Color:15 colors in total
  • Color type: It comes with 2, 3, or 4 films. Four color films can DIY 15 colors.
  • Line length: 1.5M
  • Color rendering: CRI 80+
  • Material: Aluminum+ABS
  • Product size: Lens diameter: 8cm, Lamp height: 26.5cm, Base diameter: 9.9cm
  • Projection area: The farther the distance, the greater the projection that the projection light can project on the wall or ceiling

 Frequently Asked Questions

  •   What is a sunset lamp for?

             -Essentially, the lamps are a specialized light that projects a warm, calming glow across any room, mimicking a sunset. 

  • Are sunset lamps safe?

             -Sun lamps are generally considered safe because they don't give off UV radiation.

  • Does the sunset lamp look like a real natural sunset?

             -We sampled the real sunset light effect and imitated it with advanced processing technology, basically restored the most real sunset lighting.

  • Does it need to buy a special bulb?

             -There’s no need in buying anything more, it has everything you need.

  • Will it burn my plants if I use it to make shadows of my plants?

             -No, it will not burn anything. 

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