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Magic Brush Wireless Battery Cleaning Brush

Magic Brush Wireless Battery Cleaning Brush

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5-in-1 Multifunctional Electric Magic Brush

[make cleaning easier]: the electric cleaning brush can start 360 ° rotation with one key to generate powerful force, which can make your cleaning work efficient and reduce your burden. If you have arthritis on your hands, this brush is the best cleaning tool.

[3 replaceable brush heads]: there are three kinds of brush heads in the electric floor washer. Nylon brush heads are used for large-area cleaning, Haijin brush heads are used for easily worn articles, and wool brush heads are used for further cleaning after washing. They have polishing effect.

[USB charging]: the electric rotary floor washer is wirelessly equipped with USB interface for charging, with super power storage capacity. It can thoroughly clean and wipe away dirt, which is enough for daily cleaning.

[simple and time-saving]: the plastic handle device of the electric floor washer conforms to the ergonomic design, which is more convenient to clean, does not dirty hands, relaxes knees and back, and cleans stains and dirty spots, saving time and effort.

[convenient storage] the bathtub floor washer can be hung on the wall for drainage and storage. It is simple and convenient. It is very suitable for various cleaning problems such as curves, tiles, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, door slots, shower windows, etc. Therefore, cleaning tools are the best gift for family and friends.

Package: 1* Cleaning Brush (types option)

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